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5 DAY CHALLENGES ARE TOTALLY A GOOD THING ֠Hereҳ why! couple of weeks ago we ran a 5 day challenge in our secret slimmers community.  It was a great success! Here is how it is helping people! Customer #1 – STRUGGLING TO GET STARTED

So many people who were struggling to get started on plan said that it gave them a good focus because they said to themselves “I can do this, it’s just 5 days!” 

Getting that kick start has helped many people to fly and they are now in the zone and staying on plan 24/7 until they get to their goal!

Other people who were struggling might only have achieved a couple of days, but they feel focused to try again on Monday and see what they can do this week! 


We have so many customers who are in the zone, in ketosis, and their body is a fat burning machine! They are determined to stay on plan until they get to their goal!  Having a mini focus challenge in the group each week helps them to get a fresh buzz every Monday and have some accountability in the group!


A lot of our customers have achieved their weight loss goal, and like to follow a 5:2 diet plan to maintain their weight and boost their health.  Having the 5 day challenge helps them to maintain their weight by doing total food replacement for a set number of days a week.


Being at home all the time, with family and under quite stressful times, might mean that some people are not in the mindset to do total food replacement every single day of the week, and want to have some days to eat their family. 

If they feel every Monday they can get 5 days (or whatever number suits them) into their week, then they know they can at lose a pound or so a week and keep their eating habits in check.


Here’s what some of our customers are saying about joining the next 5 day challenge!

  • Me n my fiancé on board again. 
  • YES! Let’s get those pounds off for summer!
  • Super motivated! I want to emerge from this madness like a boss! Need to shrink the kangaroo pouch and build up the bum!
  • I’ll try …. again!!
  • I’m back in !!!
  • Yes I’m in! Totally focused! This lockdown is perfect to become the new me!
  • Ready to nail another week % bring it on!
  • I’m in!!! After two weeks in isolation I cannot wait!!! I want to be slim for the summer
  • I’m in, I’m super motivated, it’s helping me turn lockdown into a positive experience
We have a 5 Day Challenge Kicking Off EVERY MONDAY in our Secret Slimmers group!
Come and join us, whatever your goal, this mini focus challenge can help you!
BIG Love,

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